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Hello, I’m theresa

IT’S TIME TO Unlock Your Potential


welcome to glen mills coaching and consulting, INC.

Providing leadership and professional development programs   designed to get results and help you reach your full potential


Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

With over 20 years of speaking and sharing my stories of losses, challenges and a variety of topics, I share  practical tools, riveting stories, high energy presentations designed to engage, entertain and provide memorable take aways  that will empower, inspire and encourage you and your team.

Leadership Training

As a certified speaker, coach and leadership trainer with the global renowned John Maxwell Team, I can help you level up in your leadership and selling skills with proven methods that will propel you on your road to success.


Professional and Personal Development

As a trusted guide, I can help you achieve your personal and professional goals by helping you to  to optimize your body and mind to reach your full potential. With the  system I created,  to help you overcome challenges and limited beliefs, you will be able to do and to be and to have all that you were created for.

More about me

A high school graduate from a Philadelphia working-class family, I overcame many significant hardships and a low socioeconomic status to rise from housewife, widow, and single mother to successful Psychotherapist and Motivational Speaker, Coach and Leadership Trainer.

My own struggles and challenges such as the loss of a husband and two brothers, financial difficulties and other significant set backs  taught me valuable lessons. With a fear of public speaking and suffering from depression and anxiety I was forced to face my own limited beliefs. This caused me to transform my life. That transformation brought about a successful counseling agency, through my work as a professor at a university, a mentor and in every word I share as a public speaker.

This depth of personal and professional experience gives me a unique ability to understand you, your leadership, and the people on your teams.

My experiences in overcoming and succeeding, combined with the global credibility and effectiveness with my being part of the John Maxwell Team means that you will have access to proven methods of success.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

I just want to take a moment and share my gratitude for what Theresa has done for me. I have been seeing her for a few months and shared with her my hopes and dreams of owning my own gym. She has helped me grow as a person, see my value, know my worth and believe in myself as she believes in me. During those few months I have grown as a person and my business is growing. On December 1st I purchased my own gym. I am half way through my second month in business with my Nutrition and fitness club I turned a profit both months so far and I am not even all the way through the second month. Thank You Theresa for all you have done for me and believing in me when I wasn't sure I could do it. I am so grateful for your coaching and guidance. I look forward to what is to come and to continue to work with you.

ERICA GOODWIN – The Nutrition Zone

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