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Leaders and managers of companies, sales teams, and nonprofits often face “people” challenges that hold them back from hitting their goals. Whether it is poor communication, their team members are disconnected, or there is an overarching feeling of dread, it is up to you as the leader to address, connect, and confront these issues in order to run a thriving organization.

Five signs your team may be disconnected

Drama, Complaining and Negativity

Stuck, plateaued, or declining performance

Burnout and stress across the board

Avoidance, siloed, or rogue behavior

Credit: Gustavo Fring (Pexels)

Absenteeism and turnover

If any of these resonate with you, you are not alone. Most leaders struggle with most of these, much of the time. But it isn’t too late, no matter how toxic the environment may seem. In fact, there are five simple steps that will change the mindset and performance of any team who is committed to growth and change.

What it takes to create a healthy, more productive team

Interview and Identify self-defeating patterns for each employee

Assess how each employee’s patterns are affecting your revenue

Deliver a tailored program that transforms both the professional and personal toxic mindset to a healthy culture

Create a safe and happy work environment with clear and open communication that builds trust

Commit to transparency and accountability

If you know it is time to explore ways to transform your employees to be a more cohesive and productive team, I invite you to chat. Whether or not we decide to work together, I am confident I will share implementable insights that you can start using right away.

I’m ready when you are!